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April 18, 2020 Three Bird Creative

Yes, You Need a Professional Headshot

Businesses Owners Learn Why It's Important to Have a Professional Headshot for Your Online Marketing Collateral

If you are open for business, you’re probably selling more than just your products and services. If you are open to the public you are selling you; yourself, as the service provider. A professional headshot or portrait can offer people a way to look you in the eyes (literally). It’s a way someone can first get to know you when researching your company. Professional photographs of you and/or your team, provide a sense of confidence and approachability for you and your company. A good photographer should produce images to instill those values.

Don’t use low quality or amateur photos. By doing so, you miss out on an opportunity to interact with potential clients on an initial eye-to-eye level, without ever meeting them face-to-face. The ‘right photographer’ can make a portrait session easy and convenient for you and your entire group.

The right photographer can make a portrait session easy and convenient for executives and the entire group.

Sharp photos don’t only showcase your company pride, but also give you an opportunity to represent your expertise. Your photographer might even be able to get a few images that peak into your natural working environment. These types of images promote you as someone poised to do a great job. If done right, they’ll do that at first sight.

We Create Stunning Images

A professional photographer has the ability to create stunning images for your business. The photo turn out more appealing and closely related to the services you or your company provides. If nothing else, they’ll present you as a professional. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Just to highlight some more value, photographers can also offer licensing agreements to grant additional usage of the images. We regularly see clients using them as part of social media profiles and/or printed sales materials, but just be sure about any restrictions to avoid unwanted legal action.

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