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We Fix Broken Websites Fast!

Is your website not working correctly? Our skilled team specialized in fast repairs for WordPress sites. Plus, we provide monthly preventive maintenance to safeguard your business online, ensuring your site never breaks or gets hacked.

Problems We Solve!

  • Content not displaying
  • Website not working
  • Slow website load time
  • Can't update web pages
  • Developer won't call back

Website Maintenance Services

We Keep Your Business’s Website Safe and Make Sure It’s Always Up and Running. If There’s a Problem, We Can Fix It in 24 Hours.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following Issues?

Encounter an issue with your website? Our repair team is here to help. From fixing bugs to resolving breakdowns, we offer rapid response and turnaround times to ensure minimal downtime. Whether it’s a WordPress update or an unexpected error, we can get your site back up and running quickly.

  • Receiving an error message?
  • Can’t log into your site?
  • Can’t update the plugins?
  • Images not showing?
  • Web pages loading slow?
  • Not rank on search engines like Google?

Website Maintenance Protects You from Losing Business & Opportunities

Our WordPress maintenance services are designed to prevent issues before they occur. Regular updates, backups, security checks, and performance tuning are part of our commitment to keeping your site secure, fast, and reliable. With ThreeBird Creative, you can focus on your business, knowing your online presence is in expert hands.

  • Experienced WordPress Specialists
  • Fast and Efficient Service
  • Proactive Maintenance to Prevent Downtime
  • Customized Solutions for Your Business Needs
  • Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees

24-Hour Turnaround On Most Updates.
Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

We are a professional website development company that provides repairs and maintenance plans.

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Don’t let website issues hurt your sales. Join the ranks of our many satisfied customers and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional WordPress maintenance.


Frequently Asked Question.

Below are answers to questions we often receive about website development, SEO, and content production. Should you have additional questions, please reach out.

Does my website need maintenance?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to perform monthly maintenance to ensure your website is performing optimally and safe from security threats. WordPress is a leading content management system (CMS) that has frequent technology updates to enhance the system’s capabilities and performance. Properly maintaining your site is essential to prevent it from loading slow, malware, and poor lead conversion.

What is WordPress maintenance, and why is it important?

WordPress maintenance involves regularly checking your website for issues, keeping it updated and secure. It’s crucial because it ensures your site runs smoothly, improves security, and enhances user experience, which is vital for keeping visitors engaged and maintaining your site’s search engine ranking.

How often should I perform maintenance on my WordPress site?

WordPress maintenance should be done monthly. This includes updating themes and plugins, checking for security vulnerabilities, optimizing website speed, and ensuring backups are regularly performed. Regular maintenance prevents potential issues and keeps your website performing optimally.

What are common issues that require WordPress repairs?

Common issues include website downtime, slow loading speeds, problems with updates, plugin conflicts, broken links & images, and security breaches like hacking or malware. Timely repairs are important to maintain your site’s functionality and protect your online presence.

What should I do if my WordPress site is hacked?

If your site is hacked, it’s important to act quickly. Contact a WordPress professional who specializes in security. They can clean your site of malware, repair any damage,  and strengthen its security to prevent future attacks. Also, restore your website from a recent backup if available and change all passwords.

How does WordPress maintenance affect my website's security?

Regular maintenance is key to website security. It involves updating WordPress, themes, and plugins to their latest versions, which often include security patches. Neglecting these updates can make your website vulnerable to attacks. Regular security scans and backups are also part of maintenance that helps in keeping your site secure.

Can I do WordPress maintenance and repairs myself, or should I hire a professional?

While basic maintenance tasks can be handled by someone with WordPress knowledge, hiring a professional is recommended for more complex issues, such as coding errors or security vulnerabilities. Following updates to the website theme and WordPress core, plugins can break and cause further issues. Professionals have the expertise to identify and fix problems more efficiently, saving time and reducing the risk of further complications.

How much do website repairs cost?

Website repairs can cost on average $75.00-$150.00 per hour depending on the issue. Website maintenance plans start at $159 per month and help protect your site from costly repairs.

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