How to Fix a Slow Loading WordPress Website?

how to fix slow loading wordpress website 2020

How to Fix a Slow-Loading WordPress Website?

Is your WordPress Website Running Slow? Review our Top Seven Ways to Speed Up Your Website in 2020.

Two of the most common questions we get at 3Bird Creative Group is, why is my WordPress website running slow? And why are the pages not opening fast? To answerer these questions and more, we have put together seven helpful tips on how to increase the speed of your WordPress website.

Seven Ways to Fix a Slow WordPress Website:

  1. Update to the latest version of PHP. This adjustment can increase your website speed by up to 25%.
  2. Reduce the Size of Large Images: be sure to reduce the resolution of your images to 72 PPI and fit the website theme. Our preferred method is using Photoshop and then using to reduce the image size further.
  3. Update WordPress plugins and remove nonactive ones. Also, plugins can break, and get hacked, which can require the need for removal and replacement with a new plugin. 
  4. Upgrade to the newest version of WordPress.
  5. Update your website theme to the most recent version. Your website theme will become outdated. Be sure to look out for important updates from the theme’s developer. Or contact the developer directly to help fix issues.
  6. Update your website hosting plan to a WordPress Hosting Plan by Go Daddy or WP Engine.
  7. Cache Your WordPress Website: Install WP Total Cache. This should only be done if your hosting does not perform auto cache. 

If you’re looking for help to fix your slow website and to increase the speed, contact us today. We can repair all WordPress website issues remotely, fast, and affordably. 

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