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April 10, 2020 Three Bird Creative

10 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Website During COVID

Learn How to Make Your WordPress Website Better During the Coronavirus Quarantine

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COVID-19 is disrupting business everywhere, especially here in South Florida. Due to social restrictions, many of our customers are closing doors and dealing with the loss of revenue, while others are thriving.

As a new trend emerges in work from the home economy, you will want to be sure your business website is up to date and representing your brand’s current position and product and service offerings. As we like to say, your website is always working for you, even when you are sleeping. So what can you do to improve your site during COVID-19? See our top ten recommendations below.

10 Website Improvement Tips During COVID-19: 

  1. Update Graphics: Update graphics throughout your website like the main slider images on the home page to reflect current marketing messages.
  2. Blog. Blog. Blog: Create a blog post about your company’s COVID-19 safety standards and changes to business operating procedures, hours, community support, and webinars. 
  3. Squeeze Page: add a squeeze page or announcement bar to communicate with visitors about the changes to your business operating procedures, and product/ service offerings. 
  4. Social Media: Post frequently about how your company is dealing with COVID-19 and how you can help customers now. Be sure to install a Facebook/ Instagram Pixel Tracking Code on Your Website so you can target customers on social media visiting your website.
  5. Online Ads: Update and adjust Google Ads to reflect the change in search terms surrounding online/zoom/ teleservices. 
  6. Zoom Webinars: Create a landing page and integrate Zoom webinar registration links. 
  7. Refresh Photos and Video: Produce new photos and videos to reflect current products and service offerings.
  8. Update Page Copy: Enhance page copy with keyword-rich text on your website pages to reflect keywords for SEO and trends in the business cycle. 
  9. Increase Website Page Speeds: Site speed test audit and make recommended adjustments. We like to use SEM Rush and Google Developers. 
  10. Maintenance WordPress: PHP, WordPress Theme, WordPress Version, and Plugins.

If you’re looking for help to enhance your WordPress website during COVID, please contact us today for a free site audit. We can make all adjustments to your website remotely, fast, and affordably. 

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