New WordPress Version 5.5 Update Breaks Plugins

WordPress Version 55 Broken Plugins Fix

New WordPress Version 5.5 Update Breaks Plugins

New WordPress update to version 5.5 is causing plugins to break due to jQuery migrate feature being turned off by default. Learn how to fix it and the benefits of the new update. launched WordPress version 5.5, which offers several updates including speed, search, security, block editor, and accessibility. The latest version is dubbed “Eckstine,” in honor of American jazz and pop singer Billy Eckstine. However, the new update is causing many WordPress websites plugins to break due to the JQuery migrate feature being turned off. WordPress 5.5 turned off the jQuery migrate feature by default. This issue is causing many websites and plug-ins to stop working and crash some websites. If you see problems in the classic editor and with plugins after rolling out WordPress 5.5, you may need to install the jQuery Migrate plugin or custom code to work around the issue.

Other than the issue with the plug-ins breaking when updating to the new version of WordPress 5.5., there are several benefits worth highlighting that include:

New WordPress Version 5.5 Features

  1. Lazy Loading posts and pages that allow images to load when needed and scrolled into view, saving battery life and data usage on smartphones. 
  2. XML sitemap included out of the box that helps search engines discover your content when you post it. 
  3. Automatic Theme and Plugin Updates 
  4. Updates to the block editor. It now has block patterns for creating complex combinations of text and media and a block directory to find the block you need, and it supports inline image editing.
  5. Updates to the Publishing Experience. For example, you can now copy links in media screens and modal dialogs with a button instead of highlighting a line of text. You can also move meta boxes with the keyboard and edit images in WordPress with your assistive device.


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