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Do you manage a doctor’s office or medical practice and frustrated with missed patient appointments, lost pre-operations documents, and handwritten patient forms that are difficult to read and input? These common issues can lead to significant issues for your medical practice that includes wasted time, a loss of revenue, and lawsuits.


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Medical Website Solutions

We can deliver a comprehensive website solution for your medical office that includes EMR integration, digital patient forms, a patient portal for Pre-Operation documents, and a user-friendly interface that can help increase sales and reduce paperwork for your administration.

  1. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Integration
  2. Digital Patient Forms
  3. Patient Portal for Pre-Operation Documents Upload/ Download
  4. Healthcare WCAG 2.1 Compliant including Accessibility, HIPAA, and more.
  5. Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website Design
  6. Fast Loading Websites
  7. Rank High on Google and Other Search Engines